Remote guarding a 26 acre site – Calders & Grandidge

Calders & Grandidge is one of the oldest established and respected names in the UK pressure treated timber sector, specialising in poles, sleepers, fencing and gates. Over the years we have worked with the company providing intruder alarms and CCTV for their 26 acre site in Boston. However, more recently we were approached to look at their overall security provision and provide a solution that offered enhanced protection and greater control from a management perspective, and which also looked at cost savings.

At the time, the site was manned 24 hours a day by an on-site security guard. Whilst this provided protection, traditional man guarding comes with limitations including overall site protection not being guaranteed as the guard can only be in one place at any one time. Our proposal, which was adopted by Calders, was for a remote guarding package incorporating access control barriers, CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and remote monitoring. The annual cost of the package is a significant cost saving compared with the previous 24/7 security guard provision.

Due to the volume of traffic entering the premises on a daily basis, access control is a priority for the site. Working with Calders, it was soon identified that a barrier entrance fitted with an intercom system for both incoming and outgoing traffic would be the best solution. The intercom system enables the verification of deliveries onto the site, as well as authenticating deliveries leaving.

The verification of traffic is controlled by both Calders and our own NSI Gold standard Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC). Calders control access during office working hours and we take over outside of these, including weekends. All of our RVRC staff are licensed by the Security Industry Association and work alongside Calders to ensure any irregular deliveries are booked-in accordingly, helping to provide a consistent service that not only provides high levels of security, but also highlights exceptional levels of customer care.

To secure the perimeter of the 26 acre site, we have installed a network of fixed positioned CCTV cameras, with infra-red illumination that provides up to 50 metres of light in darkness. These cameras are connected to movement detectors and if unsolicited movement is detected, alarmed and live images are sent to the RVRC for verification. Again, we work closely with Calders to ensure we are aware of any extended working hours, just in case an employee triggers the detectors unwittingly.

Crucial to the operation of the CCTV cameras is the transmission equipment that is used. For this site we specified four Adpro digital video transmitters incorporating an internal digital recording system with 8TB Hard Disks. This unit is responsible for transmitting the images to the RVRC when movement is detected on the premises whilst the system is set. The transmitter also allows the operation of the audio system and control of the CCTV cameras to provide the onsite monitoring and recording of the cameras. In addition, the transmitter provides the necessary outputs for the control of the barrier. To ensure that the CCTV cameras can operate even during a period of power failure, we installed a UPS power supply in conjunction with the transmission equipment.

Supplementary to the perimeter and barrier security, we have provided Calders with solutions to protect business critical functions. For example, we provided a monitoring solution to a tracked crane machine to ensure the smooth operation of the lifting of heavy poles onto production lines.

“Through working with GBSG we realised that advances in security technology provided us with a much more cost effective and robust security provision. The remote guarding package gives us peace of mind and reassurance that someone is looking after our assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The business continuity solutions that they have also provided us with work very well and help reduce any down-time to the production line, helping us to save money and reduce business risk.”

John Secker, Operations Director at Calders

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