Securing Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island Resort

Located in the busy seaside town of Ingoldmells, Fantasy Island Resort is the East coast’s premier family entertainment complex. Combining an action-packed theme park, a show-bar, eateries and Europe’s largest 7-day market, the resort’s management have an over-riding need to protect public safety and security.

GBSG have provided site security systems to the resort for a number of years, and as the business grew we were able to extend CCTV coverage to include two local caravan parks that they also operate. To help with further CCTV expansion, the most recent CCTV additions have been IP cameras drawing upon security technology advances to allow for enhanced resolution, enhanced scalability and enhanced flexibility. One of the clear advantages of IP cameras is the flexibility to integrate with a wireless network, meaning that’s its virtually unlimited with regards to expansion. Like the Analogue cameras previously installed on the main resort, these IP cameras are enclosed in vandal-proof casing.

On the main resort, the CCTV surveillance system consists of both dome and bullet cameras. The dome cameras are generally located in high footfall areas where the public’s security is at greater risk. The reason for this is that dome cameras tend to provide a greater field of vision and enable high speed panning and ease of control by the on-site security office. Plus, the classic “smoked” dome cameras offer an additional degree of surveillance as it’s difficult for someone to tell which direction the dome is actually aiming.

All site CCTV cameras are integrated with motion detection systems. The configuration of any detection system is to enable the cameras to see movement and allow the transmission and recording device to produce good quality and meaningful images.

The live and recorded footage is transmitted to the resort’s on-site security office, for which we have supplied all control room equipment.

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