NFU Rural Crime Report 2018

Rural crime in 2018, cost the UK economy 44.5m, which includes 5.9m worth of vehicle theft. These new statistics show a 13.4% rise and show rural crime at its highest since 2013.

Major issues:

  • Organised crime gangs, targeting farms and then shipping vehicles abroad
  • Increase in livestock theft
  • A sharp 31.8% rise in crime across the Midlands

One of the biggest concerns from the report is that may farmers feel vulnerable at the thought of being staked out by thieves. Criminals may forget, but farms are also people’s homes and break-ins result in emotional distress as well as monetary loss and the set-back of losing vital equipment.

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Suggested ways to improve your security:


  • Install fences
  • Close and lock gates
  • Secure sheds and outbuildings
  • Lock away machinery and tools
  • Use dogs or geese as an early warning
  • Use mechanical immobilisers on vehicles
  • Mark livestock and property.


  • Look out for your neighbours
  • Join a Farm Watch scheme
  • Share suspicious sightings with the local community
  • Maintain links with the police
  • Report all crimes to the police.


  • Install CCTV
  • Use security lighting in yards and drives
  • Fit burglar alarms with infra-red motion detection
  • Add a tracking or location device
  • Set up geo-fence alerts
  • Activate digital immobilisers.

We offer a variety of security solutions including gates and barriers, CCTV and intruder and fire alarms. With the GBSG Pulse® you can also receive up to date security reports, which means you can farm safely whilst being aware of your security levels and any incidents that are occurring. You can find out more on our dedicated Farm Security Page.

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