Providing CCTV to help protect remote areas

Providing CCTV to help protect remote areas – Surfleet Recreation Ground

We take for granted the CCTV monitoring of the main centres of our larger towns, providing a crucial tool for crime prevention and detection. However, with the introduction of broadband to more rural areas, CCTV systems can now be installed cost effectively within villages and small towns.

GBSG continues to work with Parish Councils to provide security solutions for open spaces. In one Lincolnshire village, GBSG have installed four CCTV cameras in the corner of the new play area within the recreation ground, with the versatility to allow them to be used in different locations as the site develops.

System Details
The varifocal lens cameras are configured to cover an area of 200 degrees, providing high resolution colour images in the daytime and at night when lighting levels dip, the cameras will automatically switch to monochrome. The four CCTV cameras are installed on a five metre high galvanised pole, with anti-climb features, each camera is encased in waterproof housing and fitted with infra-red illuminators, capable of providing light for the cameras up to 60 metres from their installed position.

For the purpose of displaying and recording images the system incorporates a 16 channel digital recorder, with removable hard disc. Up to 31 days of recording goes directly onto the hard disc and when the disk becomes full, the oldest images are automatically overwritten, ensuring continuous operation of the system. Should an incident occur that needs to be forwarded to the authorities, images can be taken from the hard disc.

Images can be viewed locally, in this instance, within the Village Hall, or an alternative is to monitor remotely from GBSG’s own monitoring station. This option would enable the operators to view live images, control and move cameras, and if necessary challenge audibly anyone acting inappropriately and notifying the necessary authorities.


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