The Rising Cost of Farm Fires

In 2015 claims to insurers for farm fire damage rose by 14% to around £47.9 million according to NFU Mutuali. Electrical faults were the main cause of fire, responsible for over half of the all the claims, followed by arson and mechanical faults.

In a statement to Anglian Farmer Tim Price the Rural Affairs Specialist from the NFU said “Fire remains one of the greatest hazards to the lives of farmers”.

A good fire prevention strategy has the primary objective of reducing the chance of a fire starting and, should a fire occur, to increase the ability to detect it. Early detection allows for more time to safely evacuate, and for farms this often means not only people but livestock too. This is done through a fire risk assessment.

Through identification of potential hazards and the people at risk from them it is possible to review the emergency plans for a premises and implement methods to detect, control and prevent fire as well as introduce fire safety training for staff where appropriate.

It is important that any emergency plans are reviewed on a regular basis as well testing and maintenance on the fire alarm systems in place.

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